Mold Removal

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Here at Home Pro we have some of the highest training in the industry for mold removal. Every mold removal job has a certified mold removal technician on it at all times to ensure the best final outcome. We use state-of-the-art removal systems that have been tried and tested in the industry, and have been proven to be not only be highly effective in mold remediation but also cost effective. At times our systems have saved home owners and business owners thousands of dollars compared to our competition.

Utilizing the industry gold standard Serum System™,  our technicians our able to boil mold from every surface using this high concentrate peroxide solution.  We then use a true hepa vacuum to remove every last spore.  For long term protection we then apply a Serum™ solution which offers protection from organic stain damage.

We also offer soda blasting for last case scenarios, in which traditional forms of mold remediation are not a fit.

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